Rules on booking appointments and miscellaneous information. 

Kivaka 100% Appointment only

If you need to cancel an appointment send a message through the chat on this website letting Kivaka know that you are not able to make it not through an email. 

NO SHOW / NO CALL appointments will be blocked from making appointments in the future and will not be allowed to enter in any contest or promotions and will have to leave a NON refundable deposit for all future appointments.

Only book appointments for one person your friend can't get the same time as you.

NO Piercing's done during the Jewelry changing appointments!!!

ALL piercings includes Jewelry that is listed under the service.


The minimum age for piercings is 18.

This excludes ear piercings which can be done with written parental/guardian consent. 

Kids 8-15 years of age can only get their earlobes pierced by Kivaka 

316LVM ASTM F-138 Stainless Steel

6Al4V ASTM F-136 Titanium


14kt and 18kt Solid Gold