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Passion is any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, and that’s just what Professional Body Piercer Kivaka has for his career and for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Most little boys want to be police officers or firemen when they grow up, but that wasn’t the case for Kivaka. Kivaka got his first tattoo at the age of ten and that’s when it all started. He grew up around tattoo studio's, cops, bikers, and all types of humans being a military kid and when he turned 15 he was taken in and taught how to pierce. Kivaka preferred piercing over tattooing so he decided to just work as a piercer and he’s been doing it ever since 1992. Over the years in his career Kivaka has accomplished many of things including helping write the state piercing exam for the state of Wisconsin and helping inform the health inspectors on what the proper things are to look for when inspecting a Tattoo or Body Piercing studio. Kivaka has taken many courses and attended many seminars to better educate himself in his profession and has also became C.P.R/B.B.P certified as well, to insure the safety of all his clients and himself.  Kivaka is one of the most well known and respected artists out there, not only for his professionalism, but for his quality of work. You can look at a photo of a piercing and you’d know if Kivaka pierced it, not because of his unique style of photography, but mainly for the nice clean piercing. Kivaka sends his clients home with a smile and a flawless piercing every time and has received many compliments and awards for his work. In his spare time Kivaka enjoys fishing and spending time with his Son. He also owns and maintains his website,, where you can go and check out some of his work. I think that if everyone had as much charisma and devotion about their careers as Kivaka does life would be epic in his own words, Kivaka also loves to train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Carlson Gracie Jr /Daniel and Pedro Vianna and loves to train in Mauy Thai now and then.

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