Good morning everybody that follows my crazy life of body piercing

Good morning everybody that follows my crazy life of body piercing, in the next couple of weeks I’m going to be trying to update the website and figure out why it does not send me messages when you send me a message. I will also be updating the jury selection of different options that you can actually pick. I will also upload the appointment where you can purchase custom jewelry before you are pierced if you would like that. Also for the people in the back you have to give me your money first before I order anything for you. This will ensure that everybody gets a fair price on all custom gold and other styles of jewelry this way I don’t have a bunch of my money sitting waiting for somebody to come in and say oh I like that. So if you want something custom before your pierced the appointment will be ready soon.


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For some reason when I send a message to one person that sending it to another the days are mixed sorry for all the inconvenience of the messages

First person that comments on this post gets a free nose piercing. Limit to the first person that comments on this post, If you are a no-show no call you do not win