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As of March 23rd at 6:33pm all no shows will be permanently blocked from making future appointments with kivaka don't care don't give a fuck. My moms health is extremely poor and I will not tolerate no shows any longer when my TIME right now is extremely valuable asset right now. I'm an extremely nice person and I'm done letting people take advantage of my kindness.

Let this be a your first warning and last ⚠️ 🙄


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Hello I think I got most of the bugs fixed on the website. For some reason it was only allowing people to do online payments, but I want everybody to pay in person because it makes it easier for some

I'm not sure why the website is not explaining what is included in each appointment. For some reason it doesn't tell you what's included in the price, I'm gonna try fixing it.

Seems the website isn't giving the description hmm. LoL and whelp lol 😆 😂 🤣 not sure how to fix it