Aaron Brooks "Danger"

Here we have Aaron Brooks and he trains in Boxing, MuayThai / Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling.

He has won 23 gold medals and 71 wins by submission and numerous other medals at BJJ tournaments around the country.



Brianna is known for her sexy, exotic look thanks to her African American, Native American and German background, her tattoos on her middle fingers symbolizing people not to mess with her and her ''i dont give a fuck'' attitude of how people view her.


Tim Biro: Chief Executive Officer at Planet F Records.

Studio Manager at FMG Studio Eve


Joey Gloor
Published Writer, English Literature Teacher, Fitness Enthusiast, Art Lover, Catholic. He is one of the coolist people i have ever met.


A cool guy he is a great welder and he makes all kinds of art and other objects out of metal and in his spare time he works on his CRX.

Jose Mendieta ,


Is the lead singer of a Kick Ass band called For Felix . He really like writing music and mexican food.

Gabby Mendieta. Fitness model Great role model for people that want to live healthy


Photo by Photographic Services International.

Violet Starshine


Jeff Shuck #855 AMA Pro


Maggie Miller Miss ILL contender


Danielle Wilkinson


Here is Heather she use to be a pro Volley ball player


The Ace Scott Spade


Tyler Glassman